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We understand that your pet is a member of your family and you may have concerns about putting your pet in our care.  We want you to be confident and comfortable that your friend is in good hands.

If you are thinking about using Vroom n Groom for your pet grooming needs I invite you to take a look below at our testimonials from some of our wonderful customers.

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  1. Kris says:

    I just used vroomngroom for the first time to have a long haired doxie, chocolate lab and bishonpoo groomed. They look beautiful! The paws and nails were trimmed and filed nicely. Their coats are so soft and shiny and clean. Vroomngroom is very accomodating. After each dog they made sure that I was happy with everything before starting the next dog. I said I’d prefer the doxie be a little shorter and he went right back to the van and was fixed to my liking. It is so worth the extra cost for the conveniece and individual attention my dogs received. It really isn’t that much and I’ve already scheduled my next appointments! I would highly recommend vroomngroom!

  2. shannon says:

    Just had my 2 German shepherds groomed and what a fabulous job Vroom n groom did. it is definitely worth the money and convience right at home!! I would recommend this to anyone! Great job! the pups look forward to seeing you again in 6 Weeks!!!

  3. kim says:

    Vroomngroom came to my house June 7th
    I have a 12 year old yellow lab who really got pampered! I even had his hair trimmed which needed it really bad. Well let me tell you he never smelled so good at other groomers as he did with vroomngroom. I would really like to know what he was cleaned with because he STILL smells awesome! Already have my next appointment all set and I would definefely recommend vroomngroom!

  4. I just had VROOMnGROOM out to my house, and I can say my 6 year old bordercollie never looked so good and he is so soft; plus his nails are nicely trimmed. I am defintly going to use VROOMnGROOM again. They did an awesome job and my dog is very happy.

  5. Sandy says:

    Vroom n’ Groom did a beautiful job on my 2 big Bernese Mountain Dogs! I was a little worried about them because they hadn’t been professionally groomed and could be a handful. But Dennis did a great job and they enjoyed their time with him. What a great resource. A tremendous value!

  6. cheryl says:

    great experience for the dogs.
    best thing was didn’t have to take them anywhere.
    price actually close to going to other groomers.
    friendly and handles dogs great.
    ears and nails included in price.
    came at 8am and done at 1pm for 4 dogs (all sizes)
    will have them back in a couple of months.
    would recommend this groomer service. GREAT!

  7. Maria E. Masferrer says:

    Thank you Dennis for taking such good care of Chewbacca! He looks so handsome and he smells great too! What a difference in his anxiety level, he was calm and not at all nervous in the van. Chewbacca was always so nervous when we dropped him off at the groomers knowing that he would be there all day long. Dennis was very professional and knowledgible. He arrived early in order to get everything ready for our scheduled appointment. He was gentle with Chewie and only took a few hours to finish. I have already called my friends that have dogs so that they can make an appointment with Dennis! Thank you for everything, we are incredibly grateful! Maria (proud mom of Chewbacca, our sweet, black GoldenDoodle)

  8. Ken & Kay Scibetta says:

    Dennis was amazing, great with our old dog Murphy and very friendly. Murphy’s grooming was extremely excellent, better than the big stores for sure and best grooming Murphy has ever had.Murphy is a big Golden Retriever, 13 years old with special needs. He has sever Arthritis in his back legs. Hard time standing up etc. Dennis worked with Murphy and despite of Murphy’s handicapp managed to do a tremendous job. Murphy looks great. We highly recommend this service and appreciate what Dennis Did. Thank you Dennis.

  9. Sandy says:

    Second appointment for my 2 Bernese…Louie and Sierra look fantastic! So beautiful and soft. Thrilled with the work Vroom n’ Groom does!

  10. Kaitlyn says:

    Dennis did a wonderful job when he came to our house! Our border collie and black lab mix looked great and enjoyed their grooming time. This is saying a lot since our black lab needs some time to warm up to new people, and we have had other groomers who have been unable to clip is nails! Everything was very professional- Dennis was on time, gathered the necessary information and went right to work. I will definitely be recommending his services to friends and family!

  11. lexi young says:

    Vroom n’ Groom just came to our house…
    and our Siberian Husky has never looked better! We used to shave her in the summer, Dennis explained to us that his method lookes and feels better and is also better for Huskys. We love Vroom ‘n Groom, and will continue to use them!

  12. lorri says:

    We just had our 12yr old sheppard lab/chow mix female 125lbs done by vroom n groom and they did a fantastic job. we were so pleased to the quality and care she received in her own yard. she has medical issues with her legs and gets seperation anxiety so she loved it and i will use them again. thanks for a great job vroom n groom.lorri west seneca

  13. lorri says:

    i would also like to add that our dog had very long hair and some matting because of her legs she has a hard time standing and has been laying alot. We took her to the same place for 10yrs and now Dennis will be the groomer for our dog because she looked and smelled great. What a great job with alot of hair. thanks Lorri West Seneca

  14. Marcia Diebold says:

    I just had my 11 yr. old Sheltie, Toby, done by Dennis and I’m amazed at how beautiful he looks! Toby has bad back legs and putting him in a car and driving him to a groomer is so stressful on both of us , so when my sister gave me a flyer for Vroom n Groom I thought what a great idea. Toby was such a mess with dead hair and itchy skin , and now he looks like a show dog. Thank you Dennis for the great job!
    A customer for life, Marcia from West Seneca .

  15. Diane says:

    Vroom N Groom came to my house to do my shih tzu. Dennis did a great job. She looks beautiful. I will definitely have her groomed again by Dennis.

  16. Sheila says:

    Vroom n Groom is really by far the best Dog Groomer around! My dog Zoe just loves Dennis he is so gentle with her and she always comes out smiling and so is her mama….I didn’t have to drive any where it was great! People get on board use Vroom n Groom for your next appointment you won’t be disappointed! Dennis your AWESOME!
    Thank you -Sheila K 🙂

  17. JoAnne says:

    Vroomngroom is fantastic. It was great to have Dennis come to my home and take care of our 14 yr. old cocker spaniel. He is highly professional and great with our dog. She looks and smells great. Thanks, Dennis for a great job!!

  18. My 2 American Eskimos were groomed today by Vroom n Groom. They look absolutely wonderful! It was the first time we had used this company. Dennis came in introduced himself, asked me some questions about the pups (probably gave him more info than he needed..lol) and off they went. He was on time, professional and very sweet with my babies. Lily and Louie can’t wait to see him again 🙂 Job well done and they look great.

  19. Janet P. says:

    I had our dog Zac groomed today by Vroom n Groom. Dennis did a fantastic job. It was so nice not having to take the dog in my car and get pet hair all over. Our dog looks great! Thanks so much!

  20. Jeri Mazur says:

    Dennis came over today, 9/25/12 and gave Chopper and Truffles a much needed bath. Both dogs got right into van without any hesitation and got out shortly after looking great. Truffles has skin allergies and Dennis used a specail shampoo on her and today she looks much better. I am very please and will have Dennis come every other month.

  21. Dawn says:

    Our Australian Shepard and Wirehaired daschund look beautiful after they were groomed. Both were so much less stressed than when I take them to a groomer and the price was actually lower than one place I had taken them too! I will be using this service again and recommending them to all my friends!

  22. Sherry says:

    I have two labs ages 12 & 1. My older dog is very intuitive about people and situations and she warmed to Dennis immediately and was very happy with tail wagging when done. The first time he came I checked on my dog three times and Dennis was fine with my checking in. My younger dog needed a little coaxing to get in the van but Dennis was very patient with her. When he came today they were both glad to see him, tails wagging! I highly recommend this service because it is less stressful and the dogs (and me!) like being home!

  23. William Heichberger says:

    Used Vroom n Groom for the first time today. Found Dennis to be very professional. Arrived promptly at 9:00am and was finished in just over 1 hour. My lab Brit looked like a new dog. Normal washings use to take on average 3 hours from drop off to pick up. If there is only one thing that I could say it is convenience. Dennis will be invited back.I highly recommend Dennis for your grooming needs.

  24. Cheryl says:

    Our dog, Oso, has some medical issues that make car rides very uncomfortable. I saw the Vroomngroom van and looked online to see what it was about. I am so happy I did! We had been taking Oso to a big box groomer for years and I can honestly say he has never looked this good! He was very matted and Dennis was able to remove all of them without having to cut any out. That was not an easy thing to do on a dog who hates to be brushed! His coat is so soft and he smells terrific! Not having to drive him back and forth to the groomers not only saved me time but also saved Oso from a lot of unnecessary stress. I already made Oso’s second appointment and will continue to use Vroomngroom! Believe me, you will not be disappointed! Thank you Dennis!

  25. Stephanie says:

    This is the best groomer around! My Golden Retriver Lucy, just loves Dennis! After her groom she looks fantastic and smells great too! I have taken her to many expensive places for a groom in the past, having to waite weeks for a appointment. I would have to force her though the door and waite around to pick her up. Vroom n Groom comes to you, right in your own driveway, what could be easier. It really helps to have the dog feel at ease to be home during the groom. This will be Lucy’s third groom from Dennis. He really does a great job.

  26. Danielle Drosendahl says:

    Dennis is a LIFESAVER!!!!!!! Dennis was my last resort when I could no longer take my dog to be groomed. I have an 11 year old golden retriever with severe arthritus in her back hips and legs. He was so kind and made my dogs grooming stress free for both of us. Dennis will definetly be hearing from me again and I will pass his number on to all my dog loving friends.

  27. Maureen Mahoney says:

    Getting groomed was always so stressful on my multipoo Dobby. Dropping him off and hearing other dogs barking and howling was very stressful. He is so much more relaxed after being groomed by Dennis. Dobby looks adorable and smells great!!

  28. Sandy says:

    I used Vroom and Groom today for the first time and am very pleased that I did. My dog looks great. It had been awhile since she was groomed because we moved but Dennis did a GREAT job on her. Everything had to be done on her; nails, ears, mattes removed, and she looks wonderful. Being the winter, I didn’t want her real short because of the cold, and Dennis accommodated me. She looks great. Thank you and I am so glad that I found you. Mobile grooming is great especially if you live in the country. I will be a returning customer and Jersey was very happy!!!!! Thank you

  29. Ruth says:

    What a nice job you did on our chocolate standard poodle! She is such a nervous dog and really hates being groomed but now she looks great and feels very soft and clean. I especially like the shape of her ears and tail which helps her look much more like the beautiful young poodle. Thanks also for the tips to help keep her nails in good shape.

  30. John Fort says:

    My wife wanted to have our dog groomed by a mobile groomer. I was a bit skeptical but once I seen how great of a job Dennis did with Shelby I felt it was well worth it. What a nice convenience service. I will definitely recommend this service to any dog owner out there.

  31. Mary Hughes says:

    Taking my cockapoo to a groomer was getting physically more difficult for me to do So when I found the website for Vroom n Groom I knew I wanted to try Well it worked out great not only because they come to your house but because of Dennis! He is so easy and gentle with my 3 yr old Simon who just loved him and the experience We have our next appointment set up already

  32. Pat Hanson says:

    Our 12 yr old Sydney and 4 yr old Angie will be seeing Dennis again. Professional gentle service for our senior lab and patient accommodations for 4 yr old Angie. No mess in our car, no struggle to get them in and out of the vehicle, personal private service, very reasonable pricing.

  33. Tony says:

    2/14 2013
    Thanks dennis my unnutered choc lab is very happy
    his balls have never smelled good !!

  34. says:

    harold c. castilone

    Submitted on 2013/01/25 at 1:46 PM

    we were very pleased to have dennis groom our little mini dachshund millie.he arrived on time and thoroughly discussed how we wanted the grooming done. millie was kept in a cage for months before we acquired her,so she gets very stressed when taken to a groomer. she was very comfortable with dennis and didn’t object when he carried her to his truck.we believe that being in front of her house was comforting to her. we set up another date and feel that the personal service and expert care provided by dennis should be strongly considered by caring dog owners.

  35. says:

    Connie Kough

    Submitted on 2012/09/21 at 1:22 PM

    Great Job! Rocky loves his new “do”! Thanks Dennis! 🙂

  36. Diane Lucenti says:

    Dennis groomed our dogs for the first time this past Saturday. He was great! Our one dog has had such anxiety being groomed that she got eye ulcerations each time. Dennis took the time and care and it’s a miracle – Lola survived with no eye problems!! We previously had to drug her to be groomed! Our other dog as ACL issues and Dennis treated her with care as well. They both came out fluffy, soft and smelling great! I am so greatful our Vet recommended Dennis! We have already made our next appointment!

  37. Janice says:

    Thank you Dennis for the wonderful care you took with my 14 year old Shih Tzu, Ginger. She has medical problems and arthritis and was difficult to groom by former groomer, and I didn’t know what I would to get her groomed. She looks so cute and she was so calm when you brought her back in. I am so relieved that she had such a good experience. Thank you again. I highly recommend Dennis. She has her next appointment booked !


  38. Darryl LeClair says:

    “Lady” my 10 year old cocker spaniel just finished getting her 1st grooming by Dennis from Vroom n Groom. I couldn’t be any happier, she looks great. The convenience of having her groomed right here in front of my place of business where I bring her to work every day is a real plus. The whole process only took around 2 hours as opposed to 4-5 hours she would of spend at a regular groomer. It used to be so stressful for her (and for me) when I would have to leave her there. Dennis was really good with her….he told me that she even enjoyed her bath. We booked her next appointment and I would highly recommend Vroom n Groom to all dog owners who want to make their dogs grooming experience less stressful.

  39. Sharon says:

    Banjo received a great bath & nail clipping from Dennis who was very patient & took the time to let Banjo get used to him. The result was a soft, beautiful looking dog with nice, short nails. I will highly recommend vroomngroom. Good work Dennis!!!!

  40. roger durawa says:

    1st time user. Very pleased. Friendly,promt, knowledgeable, and explained things that other pet grooming places didn’t, Very reasonable. saved. Don’t have to travel distances as they come to your home. Vry pleased and schedueled another future appointment. Thank You. time on waiting at other places. Other places tell you 1 hr and it takes at least 2 hrs. Little extra expense but well worth it, save on time and gas. Very promt

  41. Kim says:

    My golden retriever Kirby was in desperate need of a grooming. Kirby is old and has a lot of health issues and I do not like to transport him too much. This was the best thing ever!! Kirby looks like a new dog- he absolutely loved Dennis and you could tell how much Dennis loves what he does. I scheduled Kirby for another appointment on the spot !

  42. Nancy says:

    Thank you so much Dennis for taking such wonderful care of my beloved Isabelle. In 11 years she has suffered terrible anxiety when she had to be groomed. Not with you, this was your second visit, she was happy to see you and happy to have her day at the spa. You arrived at my door with her in a beautiful bandana, she smelled wonderful, and was not stressed at all!!! I cannot believe it. You are the dog whisperer. I would recommend Vroom and Groom to EVERYONE. Dennis is truly a gentle soul who offers a wonderful service, her haircut is beautiful. The most important thing is the stress of the groomer is alleviated for my pet who has many health issues. Thank you for your kindness and professionalism.

  43. Jenna Jenney says:

    I couldn’t be happier with Dennis and his services. I’ve tried so many other groomers, and he is finally someone I’m completely pleased with. My dog was comfortable with him, and he did the best cut I’ve seen on her. She also has bad nails, he trimmed them, and the hair around them beautifully! also he even called for a follow up, I find that so personable, and he really cares about his work. I wont take my dog anywhere else.

  44. Brian Caradori says:

    Dennis: Thank you so much for the fantastic you did for our Lab Cooper during the snowstorm last week. He could not be more happy and so are we! Your work is SUPERB!

  45. Andrea says:

    Recently we had Stella, a Toy Havanese and Stanley, a mixed small breed groomed by Dennis. Very satisfied with his work and would highly recommend him. Less stressful for them and they looked beautiful!
    First time trying Vroom n Groom and it won’t be the last.

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